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EuroClio. Newsletter Dicembre 2006


NewsLetter - Dicembre 2006 Euroclio - Newsletter dicembre 2006

E' stata pubblicata la newsletter di dicembre di Euroclio, la Conferenza europea permanente delle Associazioni degli insegnanti di storia. Questi i temi  proposti:     

News and announcements

  • Vacancies in the Board
  • New organisational structure for EUROCLIO?

  • Annual Conference Slovenia 2007: Open for registration

  • Annual Conference Slovenia 2007: Call for workshops

  • Message from the Treasurer:

  • New EUROCLIO Flyer and EUROCLIO sticker

  • EUROCLIO Busy in Bosnia

  • Dutch History Canon- Contested History

  • Report: Centre for Citizenship and Human Rights Education-Conference:

  • Report: Preparatory Seminar on Image of the Muslim World, Strasbourg 9-10 October

  • Report: 'Networking European Citizenship Education', Berlin 11-13 October 2006

  • Report: UN Alliance of Civilisations High-Level Group

The members

  • Rendezvous of Victory Project: Youth Internationalist Parliament of Humanity
  • New country applies for membership
  • Preparations for Annual Conference 2007 Human Rights Education: Learning from History underway
  • Forum for members: Room for discussion, information and reflection

The projects

  • Macedonia, United States Institute for Peace has granted EUROCLIO a project: Retelling the History of a New Nation, Development of History Teaching Materials

  • Turkey, New MATRA proposal: Assist the education priority of Turkey towards EU accession by the innovation and internationalization of school history .

  • Caucasus, Balkan and Moldova: Development Cooperation (MFS)-proposal not granted.

  • Bulgaria, First management meeting in a new EUROCLIO project

  • Bulgaria, Network building training seminar in Bulgaria

  • Former Yugoslavia, Great progress made during a EUROCLIO seminar in Dubrovnik, Croatia

  • Former Yugoslavia, Last common Project Workshop will be held in Novi Sad,Serbia.

New Opportunities

  • Exchange project Turkey-Netherlands

  • New opportunity for European Cooperation

Coursee and event

  • Institute of Historical Research Conference: “Why History Matters”, 12-13 February 2007, England

  • Cartography and History in Europe. Sociological, psychological, pedagogical and political aspects- Joseph Karolyi Foundation Conference 30-31st March 2007, Fehérvarcsurgó, Hungary

  • Living Together, Education and Intercultural Dialogue- WCCES Conference 3-7 September 2007, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • History Education, Identity and Citizenship in the 21st Century: Terrorism & Democracy, Globalisation and The State- HEIRNET Conference 10-12 September 2007, Istanbul, Turkey

Publications and Media

  • BOOK: History of Latvia, the 20th Century (in English) by Inesis Feldmanis, Ilgvars Butulis, Daina Bleiere
  • DVD: A fiery autumn in the Cold War. Educational DVD on the Hungarian Revolt in 1956
  • BOOK: The challenge of transcultural diversities - Cultural policy and cultural diversity, Council of Europe Publications.
  • Internet East Asian History Sourcebook (China, Japan Korea)
  • Ironbridge Gorge Museum

Useful links

  • Free Books: Council of Europe Reading Room, Google Books, Gutenberg Project
  • International Association for Intercultural Education
  • Arthur, King of Britain
  • Euro-Discussion

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